Lawson DNA Project – Y-DNA Test Results For 67 Alleles

I now only have one chart for the Y-DNA test results and it is for the first 67 Alleles with a Short Pedigree for those members who supplied one:

67 Alleles Spreadsheet

Unlike the previous chart available here, using this Google spreadsheet you will now be able to scroll down or up while the headings remain in place.  Also, the kit numbers on the left side will remain fixed as you scroll right or left.

As before, once you have opened the 67 Alleles Spreadsheet you may send an email to any member by clicking on the kit number on the left side.

As you scroll to the right hand side of the chart you will see the Short Pedigree for that member (if they provided one). To see the full pedigree then click on the kit number preceding the Short Pedigree and it will take you to the full one that was supplied. I have used the pedigrees that each member sent, so if two or more members are related to the same person, you may find that some of the names, dates or places may vary.