Albert Gallatin and Nancy (Randolph) Lawson

Albert and Nancy Lawson Daguerreotype

The picture is a Daguerreotype Photo. The daguerreotype is a direct-positive process, creating a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper plated with a thin coat of silver without the use of a negative.  It was then painted with oil paint except for the hands and faces to give it color.  These types of photographs were very popular in the U.S. through 1850-60 when they were replaced with the Tin Type photographs.

At one time I was of the opinion that this might be a photo of John and Sarah Lawson my Great Great Great Grandparents.  However a second cousin, Lola Mae (Townley) Weaver, had a tintype photo with the same pose and may have been taken at the same time as the Daguerreotype.  Lola’s Grandmother was Martha Jane (Lawson) McDonald, the third daughter of Albert and Nancy Lawson. Using a second tintype photo taken of her Grandparents and their first two children, we were able to concluded that the photo was taken about 1891-1892 in the Indian Territory (Oklahoma).  Therefore it could not have been John and Sarah Lawson, because they were dead by this date.

We now believe that it is a picture of my Great Grandparents Albert Gallatin and Nancy (Randolph) Lawson.  Albert was born 15 May 1838 in Pleasant Grove Area, Walker County, AL and died 15 March 1910 in Walker County, AL.

Nancy Randolph was born about 1838 in Walker County, AL and died 1891-1900 in the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) near Talihina.


Albert and Nancy Lawson TinType

This is the copy of the tintype picture (with the same pose as the daguerreotype) that Lola had but was not sure who it was. She also had a tintype of her grandmother Martha Jane (Lawson) McDonald’s family with a similar pose. The two tintype pictures and the daguerreotype look like they were taken by the same photographer with the same back round.