James H. and Alcey Ellender Luvenia (Lawson) Freeman’s Family

James H. and Alcey Luvenia Freeman

James H. and Alcey Ellender Luvenia (Lawson) Freeman

Alcey Ellender Luvenia (Lawson) Freeman was the fourth daughter of Albert Gallatin Lawson. She was born about May 1868 in the Pleasant Grove Area, Walker County, AL. She died about 1934 in LeFlore, LeFlore County, Oklahoma. She married James H. Freeman in Walker County, AL and then moved to Oklahoma before 1891.


A picture of the whole family. In the back row, left to right is Leshie Janeel Vira and Nancy Elizabeth Freeman. In the front, left to right is Andrew J. “Andy”, James H., John Henry and Alcey Ellender Luvenia Freeman. Picture take about 1908.